Body treatments


All massages performed at our center are performed by qualified personnel and are purely aesthetic massages.

We perform in particular: draining, hemolymphatic, decontracting massages, relaxing massages using Japanese Ayurveda and Shiatsu techniques.

Thalassotherapy treatments

For body remodeling we use Thalgo thalassotherapy products, a leader in the production of algae and sludge coming from their Dead Sea establishment and from the Atlantic Ocean in the North of France. The main treatments are listed below:

Seaweed treatment

The treatment with algae is excellent as detoxifying and to combat edematous cellulite and the stagnation of liquids in the tissues. It is a real immersion in the deepest heart of the sea and its healing properties.

For this particular treatment the cataplasm of algae is used, composed of two types of algae, the Fucus and the Laminaria, which are dried, micronized and subsequently recovered in water.

Trattamento Architetti Correttivi

This type of treatment represents an innovative way of correcting cellulite. Born from the association of the Fucus alga and the Coleus plant, the treatment allows to reverse the process that forms cellulite, reactivating the oxygenation of tissues and reducing the volume of adipocytes.

The OXY ACTIVE technology, saturated with encapsulated oxygen combined with sandal seed extracts and Liposlim, allows to break up the agglomerates of cellulite and to smooth the fat pads.

The SCULPT ACTIVE technology allows to correct the process of sagging the skin, while the Zingiber extract significantly reduces abdominal fat.

4 home products to meet specific needs, and nutritional coaches to reinforce the treatment. We are waiting for you to try this fantastic innovation!

Bandage treatment

The cold bandages with botanical extracts are ideal for reactivating the microcirculation, carrying out a draining action in the treatment of edematous cellulite. This type of treatment is also invigorating and is excellent for those suffering from capillary fragility.