Facial treatments


The Zoner is a technology of the latest generation that exploits the synergy of three different techniques to combat skin aging: the quadripolar radiofrequency, the infrared therapy, and the Mesoporation, to ensure, from the first session and in total relaxation, a clear reduction wrinkles, evident and lasting, with a direct action on skin laxity and an incredibly positive effect on the brightness and tone of the skin.

The Zoner also guarantees a draining effect on bags and dark circles, an oxygenation of the tissues, an increase in hydration and a strong nourishing action.

Peeling treatment

In our center, we perform treatments with peeling, chemical or not, suitable to illuminate and fight the dyschromia, smoothing, attenuating wrinkles, fine lines and acne scars.

Face cleansing

We perform several facial cleansing treatments, in particular:

  • Facial cleansing with traditional vapozone method, squeezing, massage and final mask.
  • Cleansing with the aid of the ultrasonic spatula + moisturizing treatment.

In the facial cleansing service is included the depilation of mustache and eyebrows.

Peptide treatment

We perform anti-aging treatments for sensitive or sensitized skin, rebalancing treatments for skin with couperose or rosacea.